Do You Miss Your Masjid?

Do you miss your Masjid ? As the Masjid is closed, please tune into our YouTube Channel ( everyday to Masjid Al Falaah from around 6pm. If you subscribe you will automatically receive the notifications. We plan to have Salaah led by one of our Imams, any pertinent news and some matters related to our...

22nd March 202020th June 2020by

COVID-19 Emergency Response

Further to our communications yesterday, we have been inundated with people wanting to contribute towards the food bank. Please see list of all items we are collecting – May Allah reward each one of you for your efforts Alternatively, you can make payment for us to buy and contribute on your behalf Name – Kokni...

21st March 20201st April 2020by

Masjid Closure – Athaan

Asalaamualaykum As we have move towards a suspension on mass congregational salaah, our Imams- Shaykh Essa and Maulana Junaid will continue to do Adhaan and do salaah 5 times a day Insha’Allah. At times they might be joined by a brother to do a jamaat. We are now working towards focusing our efforts on 1-...

21st March 202022nd March 2020by

We Are Closing For Congregation

Due to the uncertain times we are in, Masjid Al Falaah is closing until further notice and we are extremely humbled at your words of encouragement & support. May Allah be pleased with us and allow us to pray in congregation and glorify Him in our Masjid soon, InShaAllah. Whilst the doors for salaah are...

21st March 202021st March 2020by

Emergency Service – Supporting The Most Vulnerable

If you are elderly or have been told to self isolate or need help getting supplies or medicine, please contact: Adil – 07966 118 958 Abdul Rauf – 07956 491 478 Ashfaq – 07534 093 525 Please also contact the above numbers if you would like to volunteer to help for this service. Jazakallah khair

14th March 202014th March 2020by

13-03-2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

On the invite of Masjid Al Falaah, before Jumuah Salaah today (13th March 2020), the National Strategic Advisor on Health and Work at Public Health England. – Dr Justin Varney – gave a small talk / reminder on the more pertinent facts and guidelines we should all be adhering to with regards to the COVID-19...

13th March 202019th March 2020by