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KMAB will serve members from Birmingham and the surrounding area with the following key objectives:
1. Develop an Islamic Centre to provide advancement and better understanding of the religion of Islam
2. Advancement of the education of children, youth and adults
3. The provision of facilities for the recreation of able and disabled persons in the interest of social welfare which improves the quality of life.
4. The relief of poverty, distress and sickness.

Kokni Muslim Association Birmingham

Soon after England had won the Football World Cup in 1966, and the first few batches of the Kokni community arrived from dwellings within Africa, India, Pakistan and many other places in search of a new life in United Kingdom in late 60’s. Some of these came to Birmingham and settled mostly in Aston and its surroundings areas.

Being Muslims and from the same community, they saw the need for a social and religious retrieve for their families and children. This urge and enthusiasm gave way for the first meeting that was organized at Mr. Abdul Rehman Anwari’s house on Frederick Road. This is where the foundation of Birmingham Kokni Muslim Association was laid in August 1969. Some of the people who attended the first meeting were Hussain Khalfey, Hussain Chafekar, Jamil Zakaria, Ibrahim Parkar, Dawood Mahadik, Bawa Petkar, Kasim Petkar, Bawa Hawa, Ahmed Khot, Abdul Rehman Anwari, Dhansey Family,  Abdul Ghani Naguthney and many more. Founder members included Ibrahim Parkar, Dawood Mahadik and Hussain Bala Khalfey.

Mr. Hussain Bala Khalfey was appointed as the first President of the Association, Bawa Petkar the Hon. General Secretary and the Treasurer was Mr. Ebrahim Saidu Mukadam.  The monthly fees back then was five shillings in old currency (effectively 25 pence).

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