Asalaamualaykum All

We are delighted to inform you that our humble efforts for the children of the Holy Land of Palestine have borne their first fruits.

Last year we raised money to help with the paediatric ICU unit, including life-saving equipment like ventilators and complicated heart surgery equipment for operations on children.

Along with this was a place/room for parents to stay who otherwise are under severe Israeli lockdown and many times cannot even visit their own ailing children.

We at MAF wanted to thank you and all our donors.

But the work isn’t finished as we have to increase another 40% capacity and need to raise another our target of 300K inshallah this year.

If you look closely at certain points in the video, you will see Masjid Al Falaah Tags on the machines, equipment, and room facilities.

If you’d like to continue to help these children of Palestine, go onto

Or donate via bank transfer:

Lloyds Bank
Account Number: 01195888
Sort Code: 30-93-09
Account Name: Kokni Muslim Association Birmingham
Reference: Makassed

Insha’Allah let’s try and go to Palestine to witness your efforts in fruition too.