Allah’s Masjid – Heart of the community!!

Ten years ago today, Masjid Al Falaah was opened for congregational Salaah to praise our Almighty. Alhamdullilah the Masjid since then has strived to be the center of the community and its well-being. Though a long long way to go with all the vision we have – we are humbled by the support, help, and...

1st May 20211st May 2021by

This is why we do what we do!

This is why we do what we do! When we closed our Masjid for congregational Salaah, we decided to still make our Masjid as the center for the COVID_19 response for the community. Alhamdulillah part of the response is our ongoing foodbank for the last 10 weeks. This is a little note from a service...

2nd June 20202nd June 2020by