Calendar 2021

Calendar 2021 We are delighted to share images of our 2021 MAF Calendar. As always, our calendars are based on a theme and this year our calendar is based around the Miracles of Prophets (AS) from the Quran. Please do pick up a copy from the Masjid.

4th December 20204th December 2020by

MAF Foodbank Coverage

MAF Foodbank Coverage Today (2 Dec 2020),  we opened our doors for congregation Salaah again and Inshallah this time for good ! You might remember the first time in March when we had to cease congregation Salaah – we made a commitment to ensure that our Masjid is still open for community. And Alhamdulillah we...

2nd December 20202nd December 2020by


MAF AND ASPIRE TO INSPIRE PRESENT The next chapter in our ongoing series on Islam’s Greatest Personalities. Mufti Adam will be discussing the next insights of Prophet Adam (عليه السلام). Join us to find out; What was Adam عليه السلام created from? Which day & time was Adam عليه السلام created? What were the first...

27th November 202027th November 2020by

Aspire To Inspire – New Learning Platform and New Series of Talks

We are delighted to launch our Educational, Dawah, and Knowledge platform – Aspire To Inspire. Insha’Allah this will encompass all our events, activities, and initiatives pertaining to Islamic Insights. With a long-term vision insha’Allah, we begin our journey with a series of Islam’s Greatest Personalities delivered by Mufti Adam Esmail. Mufti Saab will take us...

19th November 202019th November 2020by

Birmingham Muslim Burial Council

Thank you to Birmingham Muslim Burial Council During these unprecedented times, the best of community spirit has been displayed by the volunteers of Birmingham Muslim Burial Council (BMBC) With two sad demises amongst us, the BMBC stepped up to help us carry out the Ghusl and Shrouding by their trained volunteers. The team came in...

14th November 202014th November 2020by

COVID in Aston

COVID in Aston Asalaamualaykum, Areas around the Aston ward and surrounding are witnessing one of the highest rates of Covid Cases. It is important for us all to understand and be aware of the cause and effect of the pandemic and we hence have invited Dr. Justin Varney to have a Q/A Session with all...

9th November 20209th November 2020by

4 in 4

As our Masjid has been enforced to stop congregating yet again, we are put under financial strain to cover our overheads during this period. Hence we are reaching out to you all to help us fill this gap during this period of lockdown. Can you all please help us to raise this amount over the...

6th November 20206th November 2020by

Live Daily Reminders

Insha’Allah from tonight we will be starting a series of daily and Jumuah live reminders during the period of lockdown via our YouTube channel. Please subscribe to Masjid al Falaah’s YouTube channel here:

5th November 20205th November 2020by

Lockdown 2.0

Lockdown 2.0 Asalaamualaykum, Unfortunately the time has come again for us to close our Masjid for congregation. After Isha Salaah tonight (4th November 2020), the Masjid will be closed for congregation till 2 December or until there is any change from the government.

4th November 20204th November 2020by