Help Us Purchase a New Private Ambulance

We are making an appeal for help with purchasing a new vehicle (Private Ambulance) to enhance the funeral service we provide to the Muslim community

The vehicle which we are trying to source will be ULEZ complaint and being a private ambulance can also be used to collect the deceased from the hospital and coroners where particularly from hospitals the use of a hearse is not permissible. This vehicle will be more reliable than our current one which is nearing its end.

Our Funeral services have been operating for over 30 years as a voluntary, not-for-profit service, relying on the support and dedication of our team. Over the last year alone we have carried out more than 20 funerals for the Muslim community.

Our mission is to eliminate stress and undue anxiety for the family of the deceased at a time when they are emotionally strained.

This was seen throughout the current pandemic when الحمد لله our funeral service have gone over and beyond for all the deceased, including those who tragically passed away from COVID-19. We are very fortunate to have a team of dedicated volunteers working with us.
Even during these very testing times, we were able to conduct all Janaza’s in a fully compliant with Shariah under scholarly guidance and supervision.

As part of our comprehensive service, we deal with as much of the relevant paperwork and guide the family of the deceased in what they have to complete, thereby taking away the unknowns at the time of bereavement.

To continue carrying out this invaluable work of serving the local community and surrounding areas, we are in desperate need of this replacement vehicle.
Our target is to raise £15,000.
We feel that this is achievable and we can reach this target with your help.

The Noble Prophet said Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity. (Tirmidhi). Your contributions will help maintain the Masjid and the services we provide.

Please donate generously