Since KMAB got involved with the homeless project (Dec 2019) we have always had a team of passionate volunteers. Throughout this time there has never been a shortage or lull in their availability or dedication.
The same can be said about our donors (large or small). It is because of these two factors that in Jan 2021 we were able to increase our efforts from one night to two nights a week.

This weekend we note the following incidents that took place.
1. Two local businessmen were driving past on their way home, they stopped and asked what we were doing. They left with us their own takeaway meals and some chocolates that they had in the car, and a promise to supply next Friday’s meal.

2. A group from Sparkhill, Turkmen, has been collecting funds since the beginning of this year. They visited us late on Friday evening. Liking what they heard they came back on Saturday with 100 generous gift bags for our guests. They stayed and assisted in the evening’s duties. The guests (including the women’s refugees) were very appreciative of their gift bags and expressed many thanks. Turkmen will return again with further assistance in the next few weeks.

3. Steven lives local to the shelter, he usually walks past the shelter on his way home from work, he has never had the courage to ask what was going on. On Saturday evening, thinking he was a guest we offered him a cup of tea – and then spoke of what we are doing. Impressed and humbled he offered his assistance immediately, (similar incidents were also true on the street patrol).

There is a huge amount of barakah and dawah in this project, may it relieve some of the burdens of the people we are trying to help.

From strength to strength