India Flood Relief Update

Alhamdulillah, we have begun our India flood relief process with immediate emergency relief.
With your support, we have sent truckloads of food, clothes, and emergency items.

We have also started to help with the mammoth task of cleaning and clearing the houses of dust, sludge, debris, and water. With the lack of water to clean, we have arranged for a water tank to be utilised daily to help provide water for this clean-up process.

We will continue to help with the provision of items needed to revitalise daily life with items like mattresses, pans, pots, books, stationery for children, etc.
Our next project will now focus on Housing Rehabilitation which is now of utmost need for getting those affected back on their feet.

The project is led and closely monitored by our President (Sameer Ukaye) himself who is taking stock on a daily basis.

Please do continue to help us via