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Head of KMAB Site Management Team
Mr M Faruq Mhatey

Rest of KMAB Site Management Team
Mr Sameer Ukaye
Mr Abdul Latif Mukadam
Mr Ismail Petkar (Gas & Electrics)
Mr Ashraf (Kaka) Takey (Caretaker)
Mr Imran Takey
Mr Amin Balde
Mr Abdul Rauf Roghey
Mr Jalal Mahadik (IT)

Additionally the team is also supplemented as and when required by:
Mr Mustaq Giray
Mr Naiem Anwari
Mr Imran Baghdadi
for works on electrical and CCTV surveillance equipment.

The KMAB Site Management Team is responsible for the effective running and up keep of the facilities at Masjid Al-Falaah.

Collectively they ensure all aspects of maintenance are covered, including Gas, Electrics and IT, as well as general upkeep of the Masjid building and its facilities.

In 2018, the team undertook a major project since the Masjid was opened in 2011, i.e. the installation of a brand new lift – for which the then New Masjid Project Team had made an allowance for, during the original construction of the Masjid. The current team worked in conjunction with our preferred supplier and Alhamdulillah, managed and saw the project to completion successfully.

Should you wish to contact the KMAB Site Management Team with any queries or suggestions, please email¬†[email protected].