Kokan Cyclone Emergency Response


20 days ago, a cyclone that hit our beloved Kokan, left a wreck behind with massive devastation. This compelled 7 Kokni Masjids in the UK to rise to the occasion and come together for the benefit of our communities in Kokan.
Alhamdulillah with the blessings of Allah and the support of the entire Kokani community in the UK, they raised over a £100,000 (approx 1 Crore Rupees).
Alhamdullilah Anjuman Dardmandaan came on board along with Al Khair Foundation UK, to help in this cause.
The work has now begun and Alhamdullilah please find the initial response and much more work has been done since this report was compiled. A huge thank you to Mufti Purkar and the entire Anjuman Dardmandaan team.
May Allah protect them and accept all their efforts.