MAF with Faith In Action

This booklet has been put together in collaboration with a large contingent of Birmingham Mosques, Islamic organisations, and businesses. It serves to document and celebrate some of the great work carried out by the Muslim Community in the West Midlands over the pandemic. It also acts as a source of sharing best practices and provides case studies for how faith communities can contribute to their communities and build trust.

Alhamdullilah we @MAF are humbled to be part of this contribution. Inshallah, tonight the booklet will be launched at an event in Birmingham.
A huge thanks to all our volunteers, staff, donors, management, and other workstreams that stood with us during these testing times.

Alhamdullilah the work done by your Masjid and all our teams, volunteers and donors was recognised at this beautiful stakeholders event at Tipu Sultan. With representatives across council, politicians, NHS, commercial and faith organisations- the event was a true reflection of the amazing cross matrix working from all walks of life.