Passing the (Food) Parcel


As we approach the Holy Month of Ramadan – we at MAF have decided to help 15 families who live locally to us in our vicinity but are struggling for food this Ramadan. We have been working with these families over the last year and have vetted /earmarked them as being Zakat eligible. It is upon us to help them through this month as our neighbours/ fellow brethren, for them to have a Ramadan that is no less than how we would have ours’ Inshallah.
The idea is simple – we will deliver these 15 families 4 parcels each through the month of Ramadan- approximately one per week.
Each box will have groceries, meat or poultry, and some dates too insha’Allah. We envisage this to cost around £25 per box so essentially it would mean to feed the family for the entire month for as little as £100. We are only looking for 15 families and only £100 per family for the entire month. Please help us generously and these are the payment details.

Lloyds Bank, Account Number: 01195888; Sort Code: 30-93-09 (account name: Kokni Muslim Association Birmingham
Ref – Foodbank