Ramadan Guidelines

In Anticipation of Ramadan, we have drawn up a few guidelines for the safety of all of us so that we can all feel the spiritual uplift during the blessed month without compromising on safety.
We can’t wait to see you all in the Masjid and feel the Ramadan Buzz.

We understand it may feel different but it is Insha’Allah still better than last year when we couldn’t have the Masjid open.

The sisters’ side has been reopened for Ramadan but as with the men’s side, it is proportionally limited space. Hence we would be sending out a registration link that should accommodate 75 sisters and we will monitor the intake regularly. The registration will be required on a daily basis
Please show understanding towards the volunteers and management who will be there only to help and let’s all together make the most of this Ramadan

Any questions – please drop us a line.