Alhamdulillah, MAF has partnered with Islamic Relief to distribute 500 FREE food parcels to local families in Birmingham.

On 7/8 May Insha’Allah we will be making these boxes and distributing to all those who need them.

What do you have to do??

Help us between 3-7pm on Friday and 10am-1pm on Saturday to make these boxes. You can also help distribute. But the most important bit is to look out for anyone you think might benefit from this Food Eid Gift. You can come and collect them from the Masjid to give away.
Share this poster with your local schools and organizations that might benefit from this great initiative.

What a beautiful way to end the blessed month of Ramadan by helping to share the gift of Food.

P.S- we don’t want any donations/ money for this project – only need your help and duas