Sisters Registration Details for Taraweeh @ Masjid Al Falaah

This year Inshallah, sisters Taraweeh entry will be done via a ticket system. Please follow these instructions. We only have a limited number of spaces allocated and to avoid any bias, the best way was to get a ticketing system that would avoid sisters being turned away from the entrance.
– Please create yourself an account on the Eventbrite website, if you have not already done so.
– please use the above link to see the daily registrations for Taraweeh
– You can Follow Masjid Al Falaah, to utilise the automated updates from Eventbrite to keep you informed
– Remember – 1 Ticket = 1 admission for one sister,
– You must bring your ticket with you – no entry without your ticket. You can have your ticket on your phone
– the tickets are free but must be bought via the Eventbrite website
– Tickets will be available every morning from 8 am on the day of the Taraweeh

Please see the daily details on the main ticket page.