About Al Makassed

Al Makassed Islamic Charitable Hospital Society is the largest Arab hospital in East Jerusalem, with 250 beds, and 80 ICU beds including 16 paediatric beds. It is considered the primary referral hospital for the Palestinian Ministry of Health for tertiary care services, including paediatric critical and surgical care. The Paediatrics Open Heart Surgery Department has been supported by Welfare Association since its establishment in 2003. It began with 4 beds and was expanded to become a 16-bed department that includes CCU and ICU. The department is a main referral center serving Palestinian paediatrics from Gaza and the West Bank.

Al Makassed Hospital realised the importance of the department and the need for continuous paediatric specilization and open-heart surgeries for children. In response to this need, Makassed Hospital launched a fundraising campaign for the expansion of the department, and attracted some funds from the Malaysian Government, and the Arab Fund for Social and Economic Development, (through the Welfare Association). The Hospital was able to add more paediatric patients’ space and provided much of the required additional medical equipment. The department has two isolation beds, and 16 intensive care unit and CCU beds.

Current Situation

Currently, the paediatrics Open Heart Surgery Department provides services in the following areas:

  • Paediatric open heart surgery for 45-50 patients per month.
  • Intensive care for sick children, and children with congenital heart defects and cardiac disease.
  • Diagnostic services and treatment for sick children.
  • Provision of Echocardiogram services.
  • Outpatients treatment.

The Paediatrics open heart surgery department has performed over 2000 operations in the last 5 years. The occupancy rate is 100%-120%. The average stay of patients is 5-10 days. In addition, delays in patient admission has been recorded exceeding 50 patients per month, due to the lack of available equipment such as ventilators, and another equipment.

Al Makassed has purchased three new ventilators (via a grant from the Arab Fund), which were installed in the Paediatric Unit New Wing, which has six beds. The Hospital still requires three new ventilators for this wing. In addition, Makassed renovated another room to accommodate 6 ICU-CCU Paediatric patients, which also requires appropriate equipment to be fully functional and meet patient needs. Accordingly, there is a need for 6 ventilators for the new room.

Support the Al Makassed
Hospital Paediatric ICU

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Project Objectives

To enable the department to continue the provision of high-quality medical treatment for sick children, there is an urgent need to purchase essential medical equipment for the newly renovated areas. In addition, there is an urgent need to replace old equipment with new and more advanced equipment.

Therefore, the purpose of this project is to increase the capacity of the hospital and enable the Paediatric ICU to provide high quality medical care to its patients.

This is to be achieved through the provision of urgently needed medical equipment and renovation of the ICU patient’s companion room (30 m2).

Giving Levels

£30 - X-Ray Aprons
This is the cost of one share to provide the hospital with 10 aprons costing, £775 each.

£50 - Whole Blood Oximeter
This is the cost of one share to provide the hospital with one machine costing £7,750 in total.

£80 - Inhaled Nitric Oxide Therapy Machine
This is the cost of one share to provide this urgent life-saving machine. The total cost is £20,000.

£100 - Syringe Pumps
This is the cost of one share to supply the hospital with 30 Syringe Pumps that come at a cost of £775 each. These pumps regulate much needed fluid medication to patients.

£150 - Saw and Drill for Surgery
This is the cost of one share to provide the hospital with the equipment needed by surgeons to perform life-saving surgeries. The saw and drill cost a total of £17,000.

£250 - ICU Patient Beds
This is the cost of one share to provide 4 beds in the ICU costings, each costing £2,750.

£375 - TEE transducer for Echo Machines
This is the cost of one share to provide the TEE transducer for two Electrocardiogram Machines, costing £23,500 each.

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