Passing the (Food) Parcel

  As we approach the Holy Month of Ramadan – we at MAF have decided to help 15 families who live locally to us in our vicinity but are struggling for food this Ramadan. We have been working with these families over the last year and have vetted /earmarked them as being Zakat eligible. It...

3rd April 20213rd April 2021by

Help Us Purchase a New Private Ambulance

We are making an appeal for help with purchasing a new vehicle (Private Ambulance) to enhance the funeral service we provide to the Muslim community The vehicle which we are trying to source will be ULEZ complaint and being a private ambulance can also be used to collect the deceased from the hospital and coroners...

12th March 202112th March 2021by

KMAB – Masjid Al Falaah Safety Measures

PLEASE READ ATTACHED DOCUMENT Assalaamu alaykum, MASK | SPACE | NO MIXING The NHS is overwhelmed with COVID-19 with many from our own communities. #PLEASE# – No Entry without a Mask – Use a Prayer Mat – Shoe bag – AT ALL TIMES keep your distance, including outside the Masjid. – you MUST have a...

13th January 202113th January 2021by

Friday Homeless Feed Begins

Alhamdulillah today our team of Masjid Al Falaah began our first Friday Homeless feed in addition to the already existing Saturday one. A huge thank you to all who have helped us. Please remember to help us achieve our goal so we can commit for the entire year Insha’Allah.

13th January 202113th January 2021by

Feeding the Homeless Through 2021

Feeding the Homeless Through 2021 At the beginning of 2020, we requested you all to help us feed around 100 homeless guests once a week on a Saturday till the end of 2020. Alhamdulillah, with Allah’s blessings and your support, we were able to reach the target and we covered more than 6000 meals over...

29th December 202029th December 2020by

4 in 4

As our Masjid has been enforced to stop congregating yet again, we are put under financial strain to cover our overheads during this period. Hence we are reaching out to you all to help us fill this gap during this period of lockdown. Can you all please help us to raise this amount over the...

6th November 20206th November 2020by

Free School Meals Continues

FSM WEEK CONTINUES Alhamdulillah it has been 3 days for our FSM week and we have been able to help children, families and individuals with their need for food. Let’s continue to look out for those who need help and let us provide them with help. A massive thank you to our donors and volunteers...

28th October 202028th October 2020by

Free School Meals

Free School Meals We are all aware of the situation that has arisen due to the withdrawal of Free School Meals for children that need it the most during this half term break. Alhamdullilah, Masjid Al Falaah have tied up with Chef Yusuf of Sliced, Holy Land Dates, and All Trade Printers to provide FSM...

26th October 202026th October 2020by

Masjid Al Falaah Nominated for British Beacon Mosque Awards 2020

As salaamu alaykum, With the grace of Allah SWT, we are really proud to announce that our Masjid Al Falaah has been shortlisted in two nomination categories for the Beacon Mosques Awards 2020. The two categories are: Best Outreach Service (click here to vote) Best COVID-19 Response (click here to vote) We underwent a rigorous...

17th October 202017th October 2020by
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