Friday Homeless Feed Begins

Alhamdulillah today our team of Masjid Al Falaah began our first Friday Homeless feed in addition to the already existing Saturday one. A huge thank you to all who have helped us. Please remember to help us achieve our goal so we can commit for the entire year Insha’Allah.

13th January 202113th January 2021by

Feeding the Homeless Through 2021

Feeding the Homeless Through 2021 At the beginning of 2020, we requested you all to help us feed around 100 homeless guests once a week on a Saturday till the end of 2020. Alhamdulillah, with Allah’s blessings and your support, we were able to reach the target and we covered more than 6000 meals over...

29th December 202029th December 2020by


FSM AND FREE FOOD PARCELS DURING THE WINTER BREAK Following on from our previous FSM campaign, we are pleased to announce our next initiative for free school meals for children and/or food parcels for those who would need them during this cold weather. Please share with your local schools, teachers, or families that might benefit....

16th December 202016th December 2020by


YOU ARE WINNERS As salaamu alaykum, With the grace of Allah SWT, we are really proud to announce that our Masjid Al Falaah has won the Beacon Awards 2020 within the category of “Best Outreach Programme” We would like to thank you all for your support !!

6th December 20206th December 2020by

Karate Restarts

Karate Restarts Meet Mohammed Hassan Bharde and Umayr Parkar – two of our most advanced Karate students who have now returned to full-time training back in the Masjid. They are just a few stages away from the first Black Belts at our Masjid Insha’Allah.

6th December 20206th December 2020by

MAF Foodbank Coverage

MAF Foodbank Coverage Today (2 Dec 2020),  we opened our doors for congregation Salaah again and Inshallah this time for good ! You might remember the first time in March when we had to cease congregation Salaah – we made a commitment to ensure that our Masjid is still open for community. And Alhamdulillah we...

2nd December 20202nd December 2020by

COVID in Aston

COVID in Aston Asalaamualaykum, Areas around the Aston ward and surrounding are witnessing one of the highest rates of Covid Cases. It is important for us all to understand and be aware of the cause and effect of the pandemic and we hence have invited Dr. Justin Varney to have a Q/A Session with all...

9th November 20209th November 2020by

Live Daily Reminders

Insha’Allah from tonight we will be starting a series of daily and Jumuah live reminders during the period of lockdown via our YouTube channel. Please subscribe to Masjid al Falaah’s YouTube channel here:

5th November 20205th November 2020by

Lockdown 2.0

Lockdown 2.0 Asalaamualaykum, Unfortunately the time has come again for us to close our Masjid for congregation. After Isha Salaah tonight (4th November 2020), the Masjid will be closed for congregation till 2 December or until there is any change from the government.

4th November 20204th November 2020by
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