The Real Good Friday

Asalaamualaykum Yesterday, your team at MAF truly had the real Good Friday. Alhamdullilah, like last time, the team carried out 100 vaccinations throughout the day. A huge thank you to all who were involved and helped us out. They all deserve a shout out but we have to mention our friend Bobby Shariff who works...

10th April 202110th April 2021by

KMAB – Masjid Al Falaah Safety Measures

PLEASE READ ATTACHED DOCUMENT Assalaamu alaykum, MASK | SPACE | NO MIXING The NHS is overwhelmed with COVID-19 with many from our own communities. #PLEASE# – No Entry without a Mask – Use a Prayer Mat – Shoe bag – AT ALL TIMES keep your distance, including outside the Masjid. – you MUST have a...

13th January 202113th January 2021by

The Sublime Conduct of Rasulullah ﷺ

InshaAllah, from 6th November, we begin a 4-week series about the inspirational insights from the Seerah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Join us from 12pm for our live Jumuah proceedings in the company of Mufti Adam Ismail.

5th November 20205th November 2020by

100 Days On – We have Missed you!!

As we look forward to commencing our congregations from the 4th of July, we thought of getting in touch with you all, and thank you for your patience during these tough times. It has been one long wait. Before we talk about the more serious stuff, do look at what your Masjid has been doing...

1st July 20201st July 2020by

Speaking Up Against Rascim : Did you know about Ubadah Ibn Samit?

  In our continuing series of how Islam and Muslims have stood against the evil of Racism – Insha’Allah we will look to the life of one of the greatest Sahaba (RA)!! Join us online yet again this Friday in the company of Mufti Adam Esmail Subscribe to Masjid al Falaah’s YouTube channel here:

24th June 202024th June 2020by