Your support means this in reality

Alhamdulillah, this is the first set of 400 parcels that you have supported to be delivered to those who are struggling with food during the worse crisis of COVID and its effects. Jazak Allah Khair to you all and let’s keep the momentum going. I have left the audio on the video as it is...

1st May 20211st May 2021by


Asalaamualaykum All We are delighted to inform you that our humble efforts for the children of the Holy Land of Palestine have borne their first fruits. Last year we raised money to help with the paediatric ICU unit, including life-saving equipment like ventilators and complicated heart surgery equipment for operations on children. Along with this...

20th April 202120th April 2021by

India Food Appeal

Following the Indian government’s decision to impose a curfew-led lockdown, thousands of our brothers and sisters in Kokan have now lost any recourse to food yet again in the month of Ramadan. We at MAF are now focusing entirely on this project between now and 1st May. We intend to raise money to support at...

16th April 202116th April 2021by

Your Ramadan Donations

“The gates of Paradise are opened and none of its gates are closed. A caller announces: O seeker of good, come near! O seeker of evil, stop short! Allah will save them from the Hellfire and that is during every night of Ramadan.” (Al Tirmidhi) In Ramadan, good deeds are rewarded multiple times over and...

12th April 202112th April 2021by


HOMELESS SHELTER 5/6 MARCH 2021 Since KMAB got involved with the homeless project (Dec 2019) we have always had a team of passionate volunteers. Throughout this time there has never been a shortage or lull in their availability or dedication. The same can be said about our donors (large or small). It is because of...

8th March 20218th March 2021by

New Easy Pay Machine

Insha’Allah next time you are in Masjid, you will see this new payment machine that you can use all by yourself and donate as per your choice. You can choose the donation type (Lilah /sadaqah etc), the amount, gift aid, and even extract your own receipt in the matter of under a minute. We have...

17th January 202117th January 2021by

Friday Homeless Feed Begins

Alhamdulillah today our team of Masjid Al Falaah began our first Friday Homeless feed in addition to the already existing Saturday one. A huge thank you to all who have helped us. Please remember to help us achieve our goal so we can commit for the entire year Insha’Allah.

13th January 202113th January 2021by

MAF Foodbank Coverage

MAF Foodbank Coverage Today (2 Dec 2020),  we opened our doors for congregation Salaah again and Inshallah this time for good ! You might remember the first time in March when we had to cease congregation Salaah – we made a commitment to ensure that our Masjid is still open for community. And Alhamdulillah we...

2nd December 20202nd December 2020by

Free School Meals Continues

FSM WEEK CONTINUES Alhamdulillah it has been 3 days for our FSM week and we have been able to help children, families and individuals with their need for food. Let’s continue to look out for those who need help and let us provide them with help. A massive thank you to our donors and volunteers...

28th October 202028th October 2020by

Electricity and Power Supply Project

Electricity and Power Supply Project Following the Covid-19 pandemic and Nisarga Cyclone, there was a need for continuous electricity and water supply in the villages of Visapur, Mungiz, Dabat, Latvan and Jamge, specifically for Masjids. As many of our members have families in these villages, the President and Secretary of KMAB decided to undertake a...

4th September 20204th September 2020by
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