Ten Days of Giving

Ten Days of Giving

Alhamdulillah we have been working extremely hard to support our community in this crisis through various initiatives including the Food Bank, Homeless Feed, Refugee Support, online motivational reminders, funeral services along with our commitments abroad.

With the closures of the Masjid due to COVID-19 situation for over 3 months, our main source of income had been removed from us. Now that we have opened up for congregations again, we have invested in various healthy safety-related equipment and measures.

Now more than ever, we need your duas and your financial support. We humbly ask you to come together as an Ummah and donate generously to support the Masjid so that we can ensure that we are still standing strong and in a position to continue making a positive impact as we have been doing.

As we are in these Blessed best ten days of the year, please donate and reap the extra rewards during these 10 days. Let us all commit to giving some donation every day until Eid !!


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