Unsung Heros at MAF

Unsung Heroes of MAF

We are witnessing extremely unprecedented times and during these times, we have been blessed with the support and unwavering commitment of a few people who have gone over and beyond their call of duty.

Today we would like to highlight the contribution of the Site Management team and the Head of our IT department.

Our site management team have worked tirelessly to ensure the masjid is Ready after the lockdown and have continued to maintain all our Masjid assets. They are present at every request we have put forward. May Allah reward all their efforts.

Our Head of IT deserves some kind of Islamic knighthood – he has been amongst the most important factors of our expanding and ever dynamic electronic /digital technological revolution at MAF. Bother Jalal has streamlined and written new software for every department of our organisation including the recent post lockdown registration service. His key contributions have helped us through digitising Madrasah accounts, students feedback mechanism, on-site communication via our screens, wireless A/V capabilities, Automated heating, website maintenance (ably helped by brother Amanullah Parkar), our Masjid App, maintaining all the on-site computers for staff and kids gaming and the list goes on.

Apart from being an ardent Liverpool Fan, Jalal bhai is extremely passionate about our masjid. He spends staggering hours helping strategy come to fruition and never replies with a “no” for any request we make.

Please join in to make duas that Allah reward’ all our unsung heroes in this world and hereafter- Aameen.