What a wonderful community!!


A few days ago, we were told that the uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine is low in our areas in particular within the BAME community. So we at MAF picked up the challenge and set out to get two vaccination vans at our Masjid yesterday.
And wow what a response we had!! We were able to vaccinate 99 citizens of our community and still had to turn away a few disappointed as we ran out of vaccine.

A brilliant effort by all of you who helped spread the word, those who worked tirelessly in the background, those who stood on their feet all day long yesterday, those who drove their neighbours to the Masjid, and of course by the NHS clinical staff on the vans.
Many of you tried to get in touch with me for registering or even leaving feedback but as you can appreciate it was very very busy yesterday.

Insha’Allah now we have the understanding, the will, and the skill to organise this again.

Keep up the support and let’s make the next one a bigger success insha’Allah