Zakat Calculator

Your total assets, minus your total debts and expenses equals your Zakatable wealth.






If your Zakatable wealth is equal to, or above the nisab, and you’ve had it for atleast one lunar year, zakat is due.





Your zakat due

N Nisab

Updated on April 15, 2021


This is equal to 87.48 grams at $56.02 per gram


This is equal to 612.36 grams at $0.82 per gram

A Assets

Let's start with assets you own.

Most scholars are of the opinion that zakat should be paid on all gold and silver jewellery, whether it is worn or not.
Most scholars are of the opinion that zakat should be paid on all gold and silver jewellery, whether it is worn or not.


Zakat is paid on any savings that you have had for one full year.Usually this means that you input the minimum that you have had in your account since you last calculated your Zakat one year ago. Include all your bank accounts,cryptocurrency, PayPal balance, and any money at home or in hand.Any interest you have received at the bank is haram and must not be included.
If you are owed any debts, and you believe the debt can be recovered at any time include its value here. If instead there is doubt about if you will recover the debt, do not include it here, but instead include it in the year you actually receive it, and pay zakat for all previous years that the debt was outstanding. If you have already received some of the debt, then zakat is due on this received amount.
Any property other than your home must be included for zakat purposes. If you are in the business of buying and then selling properties when they appreciate in value, zakat is due on the current resale value of these properties. However, If you are in the business of letting properties then zakat is due on savings made from this rental income only.Pension: Zakat must be paid on the amount of your pension that you have contributed to in the last year but not on the portion paid by your employer.Shares: If you don’t intend to sell the shares, then zakat is due on dividends you earn. However, if you are buying and selling shares, zakat is due on their current market value.Business investments: add the total value of cash in tills and at the bank + stock for sale (current sale value) + raw materials (value at cost).

Trade Goods

L Liabilities

Now let's deduct expenses and debts that are immediately due.

Total assets: £0.00

Zakat payable: £0.00

Your Zakat Can Save a Life

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Your zakat could save countless lives. Masjid Al Falaah has teamed up with the Al Makassed Charitable Hospital in East Jerusalem to raise donations for the expansion of their Paediatric ICU, and to provide life-saving medical equipment and medicines for children who have been severely affected by conflict, poverty and covid. Read More...


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