The Great Fajr Campaign

Insha’Allah we are beginning a new campaign every Sunday from Fajr, which will include- Reminders, Quran Recitation, Zikr, Qanoot (as we do normally in our Masjid), and once covid restrictions allow we will introduce breakfast insha’Allah too. Open to all, this first event will include dua for Palestine along with reminders around Masjid Al Aqsa. Please be there – Share the post too.


Insha’Allah Masjid Al Falaah will have two Eid Jamaats. First Jamaat at 7:30 am and second at 9 am. (See poster)Please note the following For brothers- First come first served basis so please be early enough to get a space in the Masjid. Please try to park at a distance and walk if you can. All social distancing norms will need to be adhered. For sisters – Will need to get a ticket via the Eventbrite link here. Please please...

500 and more…..!!

While we have been focusing all our attention on Palestine, we almost forgot to mention about the great work done by our outreach team on Friday and Saturday distributing more than 500 food parcels to the local community.Jazak Allah khair to all the volunteers who’ stepped up. Here’s a little report in the Birmingham mail.

Milkshake for Homeless Guests

Check out what our homeless shelter guests are having this Ramadan We have continued our homeless feed has continued during this month of Ramadan. Apart from hot food, we have cakes, pastries, donuts, biscuits, hot chocolate, coffee, tea, and now during Ramadan / summer months we have introduced the Rooh Afza shake. We also provide food parcels and clothing.Join us when you can!


Alhamdulillah, MAF has partnered with Islamic Relief to distribute 500 FREE food parcels to local families in Birmingham. On 7/8 May Insha’Allah we will be making these boxes and distributing to all those who need them. What do you have to do?? Help us between 3-7pm on Friday and 10am-1pm on Saturday to make these boxes. You can also help distribute. But the most important bit is to look out for anyone you think might benefit from this Food Eid...