HOMELESS SHELTER 5/6 MARCH 2021 Since KMAB got involved with the homeless project (Dec 2019) we have always had a team of passionate volunteers. Throughout this time there has never been a shortage or lull in their availability or dedication. The same can be said about our donors (large or small). It is because of these two factors that in Jan 2021 we were able to increase our efforts from one night to two nights a week. This weekend we...

New Easy Pay Machine

Insha’Allah next time you are in Masjid, you will see this new payment machine that you can use all by yourself and donate as per your choice. You can choose the donation type (Lilah /sadaqah etc), the amount, gift aid, and even extract your own receipt in the matter of under a minute. We have been working with a new startup company that have developed this machine designed specifically for Masjids.

KMAB – Masjid Al Falaah Safety Measures

PLEASE READ ATTACHED DOCUMENT Assalaamu alaykum, MASK | SPACE | NO MIXING The NHS is overwhelmed with COVID-19 with many from our own communities. #PLEASE# – No Entry without a Mask – Use a Prayer Mat – Shoe bag – AT ALL TIMES keep your distance, including outside the Masjid. – you MUST have a gap of two prayer places between each brother – request to read sunnah salaah at home – limited spaces so Jumuah capacity significantly reduced –...

Friday Homeless Feed Begins

Alhamdulillah today our team of Masjid Al Falaah began our first Friday Homeless feed in addition to the already existing Saturday one. A huge thank you to all who have helped us. Please remember to help us achieve our goal so we can commit for the entire year Insha’Allah. https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/feedthehomeless2021

Feeding the Homeless Through 2021

Feeding the Homeless Through 2021 At the beginning of 2020, we requested you all to help us feed around 100 homeless guests once a week on a Saturday till the end of 2020. Alhamdulillah, with Allah’s blessings and your support, we were able to reach the target and we covered more than 6000 meals over the last year. This has now given us the strength to add an additional day on Friday from next week. We are now aiming to...


FSM AND FREE FOOD PARCELS DURING THE WINTER BREAK Following on from our previous FSM campaign, we are pleased to announce our next initiative for free school meals for children and/or food parcels for those who would need them during this cold weather. Please share with your local schools, teachers, or families that might benefit. You can also help us by providing them to our community. Every little counts!


YOU ARE WINNERS As salaamu alaykum, With the grace of Allah SWT, we are really proud to announce that our Masjid Al Falaah has won the Beacon Awards 2020 within the category of “Best Outreach Programme” We would like to thank you all for your support !!